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@ Santiago De Compostela with Pati…

As I told you a couple of days ago I was heading to Santiago De Compostela, not for a religious pilgrimage, but to pass some days with one of my best friends: Pati, who is living and studying here.

I was expecting sun and hot, not for now sadly… the weather is not being indulgent with me actually. Hopefully in the next days I will have the possibility to show you some fresh new bikinis I have bought in Milan.

Besides, my first impression of the day has been more then positive. Since I came out the airport’s doors I felt fascinated from the huge white modern and prospective architecture of the outside. Better than Milano Malpensa forsure :d

Outiside the Airport and my hand luggage

I also got suddenly aknowledge of the existance of black cigarettes: The Black Devils, which seems to be unavailable either in Berlin and Italy, correct me if I am wrong…

They comes In 3 different flavours: Tobacco and Chocolate, Tobacco and Vanilla , Tobacco and Cherry. The design of the cigarette itself is enhanced from the unusal black color and silver or black red signs.

Black Devil, Black Cigarettes

I like them, very stylish and the taste is very interesting. I would define them a mix between and E_cigarette and a normal Cigarette. So, how to this days I am smoking BLACK….

First night out was clearly crazy, won’t go deep in details… but what can happen when two bad girls hang out together is all yours to imagine….

Pati wearing my own necklaces creations…. and a black and white dress from Blanco. We will talk better about this brand in the following posts…

Pati and me:)

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