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Black Diamonds are forever…

Core Jewels . Black diamonds rings. Designer: Yamasaki Norimasa
A very dark and stylish kind of design for haute jewellery…

Since Carrie Bradshaw, in the second movie of “Sex and the City”, has recived a 5 carat black diamond ring as gift, from her husband Mr Big, the request of black diamonds in engagement ring has dramatically raised.

So yes, diamonds can be white, coloured and black as well…

The “Black Diamond” also known as Carbonado is a natural polycristalline diamond found in alluvial deposits in Brazil and in the Central African Republic. Carbonado is more porous than other diamonds, opaque and don´t sparkle.
The origin of the black diamond is controversial,for this reason is often named “ The mystery diamond“. Some theories includes extraterrestrial origin such as: formation inside an earlier-generation giant star in our area that would have long ago exploded in a supernova and an origin in interstellar space due to the impact with a meteorite.

If you wish to know more about the supposed interstellar origin of the Black Diamond read here

The mystery of it´s origin and the opaque ink dark colour invest the black diamond of an own unconventional charm and appeal, an appeal able to guarantee a place in the “fashion collective imaginary”. A part from Carrie Bradshaw´s ring you will all remember the Victoria´s Secrets black diamond bra worn by Adriana Lima in the campaign 2008…

Gemvara black diamonds and platinum rings
A classic and refined interpretation for a black diamond engagement ring…

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